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A Look Back At Vintage Style Photos Of Helen Mirren

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Dame Helen Mirren is truly one of a kind. With an impressive career that spans over five decades, the British actress has remained one of the top stars in Hollywood thanks to her boundless talent, outspoken interviews, and quirky yet chic sense of style. 

In 1967, Mirren joined the iconic Royal Shakespeare Company as a young actor and starred in plays such as Hamlet and Antony and Cleopatra. The A-lister, of course, went on to become one of the biggest names in film when she won an Academy Award for her role as Elizabeth II in The Queen. In addition to her Oscar, the actress has also won an Emmy Award and Golden Globe. Did we mention she strutted down the catwalk (barefoot!) during Paris Fashion Week when she was 74-years-old? Is there anything she can't do? We didn't think so.

In fact, when Mirren made her acting debut in the late '60s, she also became a source of sartorial inspiration with her trendy shoes, statement accessories, and red carpet dresses. From performing on stage to posing at the airport, the star had a knack for standing out in fashionable getups. 

Ahead, take a look back at rarely-seen photos of an ultra-stylish Helen Mirren.