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How Your Favorite Street Style Stars Wear Monochromatic Suits

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If you've been paying attention to what street style stars have been wearing lately, you've probably noticed a common theme: monochromatic pantsuits. From fashion editors to bloggers, the modern look has become a staple ensemble that shows off the wearer's personality and ability to effortlessly accessorize an outfit. 

The best part about wearing one color, other than it being in the form of a power suit, is the freedom to play up the hue with the styling and layering of jewelry, shoes, and bags. And just because it's monochromatic doesn't mean your getup has to be boring — stylish women have proven there's no limit when it comes to choosing a shade from all ends of the rainbow.

Ahead, we rounded up 30 of our favorite influencer-approved pantsuits to inspire your next look.